Summer in the City Volunteer Event Keeps Us on Our Toes

November 27, 2019

HealthRise Cares hit the streets of Detroit for our second volunteer event of 2017. We partnered with Summer in the City to chaperone Detroit school children on a walking field trip to downtown Detroit. Each HealthRise team member was paired one-on-one with a buddy for a variety of activities set up at landmarks throughout the city.

It was a hot day and going to get hotter. Our first stop was Grand Circus where we did some crafts with our buddies, followed by snacks and puzzles. The temptation of the fountain had many a buddy warning their friends not to fall in. Luckily, some of Detroit’s finest came along and settled the argument once and for all: no one was to touch the water.

We walked along the streets to a rousing game of “I Spy” before boarding the new QLINE for what turned out to be a shared first-time experience for all. Our stop at the Spirit of Detroit had the adults busting out their phones to capture the moment with selfies and shenanigans.

Despite one broken flip-flop and a winding path through the Renaissance Center, the entire team reconvened on the Riverwalk to read books and watch the boats go by on the Detroit River. The steps were baking in the sun, and everyone (adults and kids alike) were ready to peel off their shoes and splash around on the GM Promenade. It was a refreshing end to a day that reinforced our “All In” core value and emphasized our teams’ skill at pivoting in unknown situations and going with the flow, especially when it comes to working with kids of all different ages and personalities.