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Healthrise, Your Trusted Healthcare Partner

We deliver excellence to all of our partners thanks to a
competitive team that is ‘all-in’ and focused on continuous improvement.

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Our Story

Ten years ago, a large Health System in Michigan experienced operational issues during their Epic Go-Live. In response, a team of industry experts stepped in and formed Healthrise.

Healthrise has since transformed. We have evolved into an enterprise entity that delivers end-to-end solutions, pushing the boundaries of traditional consulting services.

Over the last decade, we’ve become trusted partners to major Health Systems nationwide, enabling their success and enhancing patient care.

We are problem-solvers at heart and eager to tackle difficult challenges; our team is dedicated to serving our partners with all of their diverse needs.

Our comprehensive solution offerings range from strategic consulting and EHR transformation, to revenue cycle management, technology solutions, and staff augmentation.

Work in action

Improving Healthcare Systems Performance Since 2012

10 +

Years In Business

25 +

Health Systems Served

400 +

EHR Implementations

$ 35 B

Revenue Managed

50 +

Go Live Command Centers

100 %

Partner Recommended

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Healthrise Core Values

The foundation of who we are and how we work together.

We work as a team toward the future of Healthrise by leveraging the skills and experiences each team member brings to our company.

  • We give 100% because excellence demands nothing less
  • We know we are more effective by working together
  • Every individual’s contribution matters to the broader team
  • Each member brings unique skills and perspectives to our team

We work towards improving as individuals through self-reflection and feedback, and as a team by looking for unique approaches to our industry.

  • We seek innovative and unique approaches to rise above the rest
  • The key to unlocking our true potential is self-reflection and objective evaluation
  • We aim to improve every single day
  • We are always striving to do better and be better because we are raising the bar for ourselves

We invest the time necessary to build relationships that allow us to collaborate with our partners and provide highly customized solutions.

  • We are trustworthy and accountable with our business partners and amongst ourselves to establish strong, lasting bonds
  • We seek to understand personal styles and motivations in designing our collaborative approach
  • We are committed to finding the best solutions by listening to others​
  • We make strategic moves to achieve shared goals by addressing our partners’ critical needs

We work as a team to be the top player in our industry. Every opportunity is the chance to prove we are better than our competition.

  • Every situation is an opportunity to WIN
  • We strive to be better, faster, and smarter than our competition
  • We push and encourage each other to be the best as a team
  • We don’t believe in excuses – we offer and make solutions happen

Our growth as a company depends on our ability to produce extraordinary results and we cannot do that without “Excellence” in all that we do.

  • We will not settle for anything less than the best
  • We aspire to get it right every time
  • We always deliver professional, quality results
  • We have the highest standards for ourselves

Meet Our Leadership

  • David Farbman | Healthrise

    David Farbman

    Chief Executive Officer
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  • Marcos Bonafede | Healthrise

    Marcos Bonafede

    Chief Operating Officer
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  • Jim Zuran | Healthrise

    Jim Zuran

    Senior Vice President
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  • Julie Roberts | Healthrise

    Julie Roberts

    Vice President
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  • Emily Huizenga | Healthrise

    Emily Huizenga

    Vice President
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  • Devon Jacquin | Healthrise

    Devon Jacquin

    Vice President
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  • Peter Joseph | Healthrise

    Peter Joseph

    Vice President
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  • Judi Sarti | Healthrise

    Judi Sarti

    Vice President
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  • Ian Sullivan | Healthrise

    Ian Sullivan

    Vice President
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  • David Worthy

    Vice President
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  • Zell Zoerhof | Healthrise

    Zell Zoerhof

    Vice President
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Looking for a new professional challenge?

Join Our Team!

Healthrise is a team of highly dedicated and passionate professionals who always go the extra mile.

  • Our goal is to make an impact, as a team
  • Our people first culture sets us apart
  • We offer a competitive benefits package

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