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Denials Prevention. Revolutionized.

Making Denials Management Simple

We empower healthcare systems to proactively tackle denial challenges with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Identify Early. Achieve Sustained ROI.

Leverage our Denials Navigator application to monitor your denial inflow and alert your staff early to payer behavior changes.


Dynamic Alerts

Reduces the hours spent analyzing data trying to find trends in your denials inflow by leveraging Navigator’s automatic alerting engine.


HotSpot Modeling

Provides targeted pockets of accounts within your denial alerts to make reviews more impactful and focused.


Tracking Software

Helps both provide a standardized and centralized monitoring platform and ensure our model is continuously learning from your work.

Denials Navigator

Centralize and standardize tracking for all denials prevention efforts and results across your health system.

  • Add structure and transparency to your denial’s prevention program.
  • Monitor progress with clear ROI reporting available in-application.
  • Decrease time spent analyzing data and increase time spent on denials prevention initiatives.
  • Achieve real denial rate reduction and associated write-off risk.
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Qodex Product Suite

Raise Your Expectations. Improve Your Results.


  • Dynamic Alerts
  • HotSpot Modeling
  • Tracking Software

Quality Audit + Productivity

  • Custom Configurations
  • Software Integrations
  • Reporting Suite

Revenue Cycle

  • KPI Performance Dashboards
  • Payer Scorecards
  • In-House Analytics Programs
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Transform Your
Revenue Cycle

Actionable insights to drive better operational and financial outcomes.