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Technology Solutions

Benefit from our hands-on approach and premier tools that allow you to optimize performance. We’ll help you to find the right tools and integrations to meet your goals.

At the heart of Denials Navigator is our proprietary model, which monitors every aspect of denied claims, so your operators don’t have to. By automatically alerting operators to payer behavior changes and problematic under-the-radar issues in an easy-to-use application, our platform ensures prompt action and transparency, preventing potential revenue loss.

Our application is designed to streamline the auditing process, provide comprehensive reporting capabilities, and facilitate staff assessments, all in one user-friendly platform. With QA+P, managers can easily identify areas for education and process improvements across all revenue cycle teams.

Powered by advanced algorithms and intuitive dashboards, our platform provides comprehensive insights into revenue cycle performance, allowing hospitals to identify trends, pinpoint areas for improvement, and optimize workflows.

Our cloud-based web and mobile app transforms the way hospitals fill open shifts. Increase workforce efficiency, retention, and satisfaction. Reduce outsourcing costs and reliance on expensive premium labor by utilizing your existing staff.

Healthcare Technology
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That Empower Your Workforce

Gain deep insights and actionable data to help mitigate denials, increase productivity, level-up your team, and increase financial performance.

Denials Prevention

Denials Navigator

Intelligently monitor your denial inflow with Denials Navigator to proactively tackle denial challenges with unparalleled efficiency and precision. Our application combines advanced data science models with a purpose-built application interface that centralizes all your denials prevention work from detailed denial and ROI reporting to intervention and task tracking.

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Your Revenue Cycle

Achieve meaningful results with a partner by your side.

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    25% Average denial inflow reduction

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    8:1 Tech-Only ROI

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    4:1 Consultant supported ROI

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    10% Average increase in audit scores compared to baseline

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