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Why is Great EHR At-the-Elbow Support Critical?

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Hospital systems that make the decision to invest in EHR systems are looking for significant gains.  Usually, that comes in the form of increased revenue, decreased denials, and improved cash collection.  But as any successful CFO will tell you, achieving those outcomes can not be done by just implementing an EHR system by itself.  It requires qualified people adept at executing optimized processes working alongside that system to actually gain ROI.

It costs a lot of money to implement a new EHR system, and it brings along a lot of change management headaches.  Hospital systems that endeavor to go at it alone are setting themselves up for epic failure.  You will always receive some sort of integration, setup, or training package when you decide to invest in a new system to “ensure you have a successful go-live” – or so they tell you.  

All too often, we work with systems that venture down this path and don’t realize that the out-of-box services they are going to receive simply won’t cut it on the front line at go-live.  In speaking with finance executives at many of the largest hospital systems in the U.S., we have heard time and again that they wish they had known the importance of At-the-Elbow support before it was too late.

Having worked to fix so many instances like that, we wish they would have understood the importance (and the difference between) of At-the-Elbow programs and providers.  There is so much complexity and minutiae involved in EHR systems like Epic and Cerner that having Super Users on the front line makes all the difference in generating adoption, driving effectiveness, and improving time-to-value.

So why is it that so many large hospital systems are in the dark about the importance of ATE?  Mainly because there are only a few providers of the service that deliver world-class results (and we here at Healthrise are one of them).  

Industry-standard At-the-Elbow (ATE) Programs are plagued with low-quality, inexperienced Super Users who jump from project to project, provide poor quality support, and care little about delivering results for their clients.

Healthrise has designed an ATE Program that attracts the best Super Users in the industry and makes them feel valued.  The result is a level of performance and loyalty that can’t be found elsewhere in the industry.

What sets us apart is our three-pronged approach to building our extensive network of Epic Super Users:

Invest in Talent

Our candidate qualifying process ensures we only work with the best candidates.  Once they are onboard we:

  • Teach conflict resolution and change management
  • Prioritize soft skills and relationship building
  • Invest in their leadership development
  • Practice open and honest communication

Use a Human Touch

Other companies treat Super Users like a number.  We treat them all like humans and as part of our family.  For example, we:

  • Greet people at the airport with swag bags
  • Create personalized name badges
  • Check-in regularly before, during, and after a project
  • Organize birthday and special event celebrations

Celebrate Wins

To drive industry-leading performance, it is important to measure success and award it.  At Healthrise, we: 

  • Use scoresheets to measure and rank performance
  • Provide constant feedback and open feedback loops
  • Incentivize continuous improvement and growth
  • Award gold stars in recognition of excellent performance

Our program truly sets the standard by turning our expert Super Users into loyal advocates.  If you have recently launched an EHR implementation that is flailing or is interested in learning more about how our tailored solutions can help you, please reach out to us HERE.